That doting grandmother will be my mother and my mom-in-law one day. Know that when I approach your wedding, it is as if I am photographing my own daughter's wedding. Never mind that she is only a toddler. That is the heart behind my business.
Nearly 9 years ago when I got married, I experienced it first person what it was like to be a bride. I look back at my photographs fondly. I laugh. I cry. Some of the people in the photographs aren't here anymore. I look at them smiling and laughing, and it brings me joy that my wedding day was filled with those people. I want you to look back at your photographs and remember the loved ones who came to your celebration and surrounded you with love and adoration. I want you to remember forever what it was like to walk down the aisle. To bid your family goodbye and take the hand of your beloved. I want you to remember it like it happened yesterday. That is the heart behind my business.

I am absolutely in love with my family, especially my daughter. She inspires me to be brave, serve others, and live life joyfully. Ever since she's come into my life, I look at every bride very differently.  That beautiful bride will be my daughter one day. That sobbing mother will be me one day. That proud papa will be my husband one day.



I love tea and coffee. So naturally I love collecting tea cups and tea pots.

I write letters, stories, biographies of my loved ones, How-To instructional booklets for my daughter, and love letters to my beloved husband.

I love feeding my family and my friends. I love making my daughter and stepdaughter their favorite dishes.

Of course, where would I be without my camera?

Surround me with books like Belle and I will die happy.

Surround me with books... and sushi.

tea cups


reading books


creative writing




my camera




These are a few of my favorite things



Photographing weddings has truly deepened my passion for engaged couples and what it means to be married to the love of your life. I’ve had the opportunity to love on my couples as if they were my family. It brings me joy to serve them well.
With love,

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