Logan + Danny

Danny + Logan Married at Oak Creek Farm


I’ve known Logan and Danny for so many years. Danny went to elementary school with my little brother Brian. I’ve seen Danny grow into the handsome, kind, and hardworking young man from a young age. When he met Logan and introduced her to us, we loved her instantly. I feel like I’ve known Logan just as long as Danny. Their families consist of the very best people on earth. They are as good as they come.

A couple of years ago when I saw Logan and Danny’s proposal photos on Instagram, I was so excited! When Logan asked me to meet her and Danny to talk about their wedding photography, I was probably more excited than they were (if it’s possible) to talk about their wedding detail. Logan is a beautiful modern bride bride who talked about planning different aspects of her wedding. Danny is a sweet young man who looked at her bride-to-be with so much love in his eyes. It was so good to just be present there and talk to them about their upcoming wedding at Oak Creek Farm in Orange, Virginia.

This wedding was special to me in so many ways. I felt like I was with family the entire time, and it was partly true to some extent. My baby brother was the best man at the wedding! I was so proud of him and his speech. Everything he said about Logan and Danny was straight from the heart and so beautiful! There were other young men in the bridal party that I had known since their days in elementary school with my baby brother.
I can’t tell you just how special I felt to have just been there and witnessed all the love. Capturing their Big Day as the photographer was just the cherry on top. Here are some of my absolute favorite photos from the wedding. I know you are going to love them as much as I do!

Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions



Couple's Valentine's Day portraits in Washington D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial
Akhil and Reena-Valentine’s Day Portrait Session at the Lincoln Memorial


Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and I cannot wait to celebrate it with my hubby and little Lexy. One  of the many perks of my job as a photographer is to plan for different themed sessions when I am not photographing weddings. I am looking forward to Valentine’s Day because it’s not just about the grown-ups, it’s about the kids as well.

I am excited to share that Valentine’s Day Sessions can be booked online via PayPal or using your favorite card. These sessions are perfect for couples, children, teens, individuals as well as families. You are welcome to bring items that are meaningful to you that you would like photographed. Sessions will last 30 minutes. Families bigger than 5 are asked to reserve two slots and enjoy a session that will last 60 minutes. All sessions will take place in and around Fredericksburg, Virginia.

How to reserve your Valentine’s Day Session?

It’s my goal to keep this process easy and quick. All you have to do is pay using the link below. In the Notes section, indicate which date and time work well for you so that I reserve your slot/s for you. If you would like to contact me directly, please email me at Nilo@NiloBurke.com.

Choose your session length

Can I just take a minute to brag about my friends Akhil and Reena who braved the cold, wind, and crowds of the Lincoln Memorial to model for my Valentine’s Day shoot! They were so kind and gracious the entire time and would have kept going had I asked. We were out and about Washington D.C. for over two hours and had a lot of fun despite the cold. I am especially thankful to my husband who gave me hand warmers to share with Akhil and Reena.

Friends, I am looking forward to taking your Valentine’s Day portraits soon! Let’s celebrate you and your loved ones Valentine’s Day.

With Love,


Valentine’s Day Session at Lincoln Memorial



I am so excited to share with you this special Valentine’s Day session with Akhil and Reena. First, I am proud to say that they are gracing the blog once again. Second, I am so thankful to them for modeling for me for this Valentine’s Day Session on, what turned out to be, a cold and windy, but absolutely gorgeous afternoon in Washington D.C. at  the Lincoln Memorial.

Our shoot lasted about two and a half hours because we had to stop every few minutes to warm our hands. Thanks to the hand warmers my husband, our hands were warm. At the top of the Memorial is normally a little windy, but that day it was windier than normal. I am especially thankful to Reena for wearing her beautiful red sari on such a cold day. Reena handled the chilly winds like a champ.

We started at the Lincoln Memorial and then made our way back to their car and took some photos by the river. We were fortunate not to encounter too many tourists on the grounds of the Memorial. I was surprised to see that there weren’t very many people given that it was MLK Jr. weekend, but then maybe the cold was the reason for the lack of tourists. Regardless, I am thankful we had a good time.

Akhil hugged Reena super tight every chance he got to warm her back up. Actually the cold made this session so much for romantic, beautiful and intimate because they had to hold each other that much more closer to stay warm.

Enjoy Akhil and Reen’a session. Send this soon-to-be bride and groom lots of love and well wishes as they plan their upcoming nuptials.

Book your own session

If you would like gorgeous Valentine’s Day images in Washington D.C. or right here in the heart of Fredericksburg, Virginia, simply send me an email at Nilo@NiloBurke.com. You can also contact me by clicking HERE.

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3 Steps to a Perfect Proposal


My guest blogger this week is my groom-to-be from last year who proposed to his girlfriend Reena in the most romantic of ways! I asked Akhil if he would share with me a few tips on planning the perfect proposal for all the gentlemen out there. Akhil sent me three wonderful tips, that I am about to share on this blog post with you (he even picked the title! How Perfect is he!!!), that I am sure you will incredibly helpful when planning to pop the question to your sweetheart.

On today’s blog, in addition to Akhil’s tips, I am sharing with you just a few photos from Akhil’s own proposal to his now fiance, Reena, that was simply perfect and I was fortunate enough to be there, witness the tender moment, and photograph it for them to keep for life!

Here are Akhil’s tips and a few photos from his proposal to Reena. Enjoy!

  1. Buy a ring! Before you go out and buy one, you’ll have to be sneaky in finding out what she likes and what her ring size is. Once you know her preference, do some research on what goes into buying a diamond ring. You’ll feel muCCCCh (see what I did there?) more satisfied after putting in the time and effort into knowing exactly what you’re purchasing.
  2. Plan & Prepare Ask yourself what kind of proposal she may like. Private, public, or a combination of both? A romantic dinner or a celebration with friends and family? However, keep in mind that it’s not only her day, but also quite possibly the biggest moment of your life as well. So definitely put her wants above yours, but make sure YOU have fun with it also!
  3. Execute Stay calm and act normal the day of. Even if everything doesn’t go exactly the way you want it to, at the end of the day, she just wants to be promoted from girlfriend to fiancé. She will appreciate all the planning you put into making this moment special. So relax, take a deep breath, and make sure you hide that ring!

Are you planning a proposal of your own? Put Akhil’s tips into practice and contact me to photograph your once-in-a-lifetime proposal!

With Love,


Engaged Brides-5 Things to do before the end of February


Dear Newly Engaged Bride,

Congratulations on your engagement!!! THIS is going to be the most memorable time of your life, and you are going to LOVE! Right now you are excited and you don’t know which way is up. I get it! It’s normal! 🙂 If you don’t know where to begin your wedding planning process, I’ve come up a list of 5 things to do within the first two months of your engagement to make sure your wedding planning phase is stress free!

1. Set a date & along with that, pick a theme/color scheme for your wedding

When you tell your family and friends that you are engaged and cheerfully show them your engagement ring, they are going to ask you “How did he propose?” and “WHEN are you getting married?” Everyone wants to know right out the bat what the date is. So, discuss the possibility of a couple of dates. This will tick one big item off of your Wedding To Do list. Once you have the date narrowed down, you can then decide on the color scheme for the wedding based on the time of the year you will be getting married. If it is going to be a winter wedding, you aren’t going to choose open toe sanddels and short dresses for your bridesmaids (especially if the wedding is outdoors!) Knowing the date will help you narrow down not only the color scheme, but also the type of venue and the style of dresses for your bridesmaids, etc.

2. Hire a photographer

The planning process goes by so fast, you want to document some of the most important milestones of your “Engaged” days with the help of a photographer. Hire your photographer not only for your wedding, but also it’s important to have professional photos for your Save the Date! invites to family and friends. Additionally, your photographer will be able to help you with a timeline for the wedding day keeping important factors in mind such as daylight savings time, travel time between venues, best lighting and ideal location for getting ready photos, First Look photos, family/bridal portraits, etc. Your photographer isn’t just there to stand back and take your photos. Your photographer becomes your “planner” in a sense while she plans your timeline and stays 2 steps ahead of the schedule to make sure she captures all the shots you want captured from your Big Day!

3. Begin shopping for venues

Once you have a photographer on your corner, you can ask for recommendations on venues, hair and makeup artists, DJs, bakers, planners, caterers, florists, etc. The process becomes so much easier when you have recommendations as opposed to picking someone from a list of names from Google. Your trusted photographer can recommend professionals to you saving you a ton of effort and precious time!

4. Look for dresses

Okay! Your dress is very important! VERY important! Whether you wear your mother or grandmother’s dress tailored to fit you perfectly, or you buy your very own bridal gown, your photographer and any other professional you’ve hired so far will be able to help you navigate this trail. They will tell you about the bridal boutiques tucked away in the heart of a small town that provide exceptional customer services and love on you as if you were a member of their own family. (I am looking at you, Ava Laurenne Bride!) This year I referred THREE brides in a two month period to Ava Laurenne Bride, and ALL THREE of them bought their dresses from there! You’ve got to visit them even if you aren’t engaged yet! 🙂

5. Hire a florist

In another life, I’ll be a florist, but in this life, I can recommend you to some amazing florists in town. The only downside is, most florists are booked months ahead of time, so you want to make sure you book your florist and floral designer who is going to bring your vision to life! If you need recommendations, look no further than your photographer (there isn’t any other professional who loves flowers more than a photographer) or your planner to recommend you someone who will bring your wedding day dreams to life! (Good Earth Flowers, I am talking about you!)

So here you go! 5 things to do before the end of February! What would you add to this list? Comment below and share with us your thoughts!

With Love,



Nilo Burke-Virginia Wedding Photographer

Welcome friends!

I am Nilo, and I am a photographer based in Northern Virginia and serving Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland couples and clients. I specialize in wedding and portrait photography. Once in a blue moon, I love photographing babies and children that belong to my former clients because I love being their “forever photographer”. My photography style is light and airy, and I love outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Here are some frequently requested information by clients. I hope that you find this helpful in getting to know me as your wedding photographer.


My business philosophy is quiet simple and true to my heart. I believe in providing you with excellent service from the very beginning. My goal to provide you with beautifully curated photographs that will remind you of the commitment that you make to your partner on your wedding day. The photograph I capture will serve to bring beautiful memories of your wedding day back to you each time you walk past your framed photographs in your home and place of work.


I am a Canon girl! In my Jo Totes camera bag, you will find a Canon Mark 5diii and a backup along with various Prime lenses and a couple of zoom lenses. I have a lens for each portion of your wedding day. That is how I visualize your wedding day and pack them for easy access. Here is how I visualize a wedding day and the lenses I will need the most during that time: One lens to capture ALL of your gorgeous details, one to capture your First Look, one to capture gorgeous portraits of your bridal party and your family and friends, one for your ceremony without being interrupted, and one for your reception. In addition to that, I have off camera lighting gear that will light up every ceremony situation.

Photography style

Photographing in natural light is my specialty making my style very light and airy. However, I love photographing events in all lighting situations and maintain my style. When it comes to posing, I love to capture you as your are: natural, beautiful, and in love! It is important to me to pose my clients in a very natural way and make the photograph a celebration of the moment and focus on my couple and the energy they emit as opposed to the pose.

Print rights

My clients have full print rights to the digital photographs they receive. Nilo Burke Photography LLC. retains the copy rights of all photos, and my clients get to print and share their photographs with family and friends as well as on social media.

Best time to book

It is best to book your photographer 6-12 months before your wedding day. This time period gives you ample time to book the photographer that is a good fit for you.

If you have any additional questions, please contact me at Nilo@NiloBurke.com or contact me via the Contact page. Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you to photograph your Big Day!

With Love,


Photo Credit: Katelyn James Photography

Southern Grown Vintange

We like convenience, but we don’t want to sacrifice quality for it. We want the best of both worlds, and if you are a bride or groom planning your wedding or any other special event in your life, you turn to Southern Grown Vintage for quality gifts that can be designed with you in mind. Isn’t that simply amazing?!

For this Wednesday’s Vendor Spotlight, I am happy to (ONCE AGAIN) shine a light on Southern Grown Vintage operated by by Brittney Frick and her husband. She beautifully designed a gift box for my Romantic Styled Shoot in April of 2016 and then once again this year for my Winter Styled Shoot in March, and I still cannot get over it. It is absolutely beautiful.

You don’t have to be getting married to enjoy her boutique gifts. Here are 7 occasions for which you will need a gift from Southern Grown Vintage:

  1. Brides-Asking your girlfriends to be your maid of honor/bridesmaid? This one really goes without saying. Your girls will LOVE the gifts and will be completely surprised.
  2. Brides-Looking for a gift for your wedding guests or your wedding party? Design your own unique gift boxes through Southern Grown Vintage.
  3. Thank You-There is no better way to say “Thank You” than with a box from Southern Grown Vintage. It is truly unique and will be received with a lot of enthusiasm.
  4. Birthday- My best friend lives in Texas and I in Virginia. I miss her very much. I miss her even more on special occasions like her birthday. Sending her something through Southern Grown Vintage is the perfect way to wish her a happy birthday. It is a gift she will never forget.
  5. Valentine’s Day-GUYS! Do yourselves a favor and get your special lady a custom gift that she will never expect. I am sure Southern Grown Vintage will put together something amazing for her.
  6. I miss you/Just Because- You don’t need a special occasion to make someone feel good or appreciated. Send them something Amazing through Southern Grown Vintage and surprise your loved ones that you care for them and think of them.
  7. CLIENT GIFTS-Hello entrepreneurs!!! We are ALWAYS looking for gifts for our clients. Southern Grown Vintage to the rescue!!! All you have to is Click on the gift of your choice and SEND it to your clients. Now THAT is how you show appreciation to your clients!

There you have it! 7 occasions when Southern Grown Vintage will save you! Can you think  of some other times when Brittney and her husband can come to save the day and YOU get all the glory? Share in the comment section below.



Nilo Burke Photography-67



Happy Easter 2017 I Nilo Burke Photography

Happy Easter, friends!

It is only by God’s grace and Jesus’ sacrifices that we celebrate Easter today in a Free nation. That is so much to be thankful for, not the least of which is family!!! As you’ve probably seen on the blog that my sister-in-law welcomed her little baby boy last September, so this is a pretty special Easter for all of us as we are celebrating it with yet another family member sent directly from God so that we can love on him!

A couple of weeks ago, baby Luke was baptized and we got to witness the joyous ceremony. Afterwards we went to my sister-in-law’s home and spent some much-needed time with the family. (There is nothing in the world, no pain, no sadness, that solid Family Time can’t fix, especially if you’ve got a family like mine!) I got to photograph a few items that Luke will forever cherish and will pass down to his children on the occasion of their baptism. My sister-in-law did a wonderful job of picking out a super sweet outfit for Luke’s baptism. My mother-in-law, like she does always and will forever continue to do, made a GORGEOUS and not to mention DELICIOUS cake that Nick and I both thought was made by a professional baker! It was so amazing and we event got to go home with some of it! I made one of my favorite appetizers, a 7-layered Mexican Bean Dip (click HERE for the recipe) and I have to tell you, it was gone in the blink of an eye! Everything was so delicious. The company was warm and comforting. The weather was gorgeous, and baby Luke was the center of attention. I have to say even Lexy, at almost 1.5 years of age, did very well and behaved for us for the most part. She even played with her cousin Luke. Although she may have made him cry a bit by taking his toy, but I am sure Luke will forgive her for that!

I hope you enjoy these photographs because I loved our time together and look forward to many more gatherings.

Here is to you and your family on this Easter weekend!

Monica & Patrick I Happy 6-month Wedding Anniversary

Nilo Burke Photography Bride and groom in vineyard on their wedding day in october and today they celebrate their 6 month anniversary

Monica and Patrick are one of the most down to earth and kind people I’ve met in my life. Their wedding day was filled with laughter, joy, and so much love as they were surrounded by their closest family and friends to celebrate each other and commit themselves to each other for life. Everything about her wedding was perfect! The reception was held at the beautiful Rappahannock Cellars Winery and Vineyard on a perfect Saturday in October. When I spoke to Monica and Patrick earlier in the year, she indicate to me that photographs were very important to her and that she wanted me to capture the day thoroughly and completely. Well that wasn’t a problem for me because I am an “over shooter” and I would much rather over deliver to my clients than not. When Monica said that, it was as if she had ready my mind. I knew right away that their wedding was going to be beyond beautiful! Monica and Patrick, I pray that your life is filled with true love as you and Patrick walk your journey and bring life and joy to the world around you. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Moniz and Happy 6-month Anniversary. Enjoy these highlights from their day to share in their joy!

Monica’s dress is beautiful, and she chose a variety of styles for her EIGHT bridesmaids that complimented them all so wonderfully!

Nilo Burke Photography Bride and groom in vineyard on their wedding day in october and today they celebrate their 6 month anniversary


GORGEOUS bouquet for her October wedding!


Nilo Burke Photography Bride and groom in vineyard on their wedding day in october and today they celebrate their 6 month anniversary


Nilo Burke Photography Bride and groom in vineyard on their wedding day in october and today they celebrate their 6 month anniversary Nilo Burke Photography Bride and groom in vineyard on their wedding day in october and today they celebrate their 6 month anniversary

These two are seriously the sweetest!

Nilo Burke Photography Bride and groom in vineyard on their wedding day in october and today they celebrate their 6 month anniversary Nilo Burke Photography Bride and groom in vineyard on their wedding day in october and today they celebrate their 6 month anniversary Nilo Burke Photography Bride and groom in vineyard on their wedding day in october and today they celebrate their 6 month anniversary

Monica is GORGEOUS in every light!

Nilo Burke Photography Bride and groom in vineyard on their wedding day in october and today they celebrate their 6 month anniversary

Okay. Seriously. He ADORES her!

Monica’s sister is an artist and made this pumpkin for her october wedding! Check out Heather’s work HERE!

Nilo Burke Photography

Lots of Love to you both as you live your Happily Ever After!