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Welcome friends!

I am Nilo, and I am a photographer based in Northern Virginia and serving Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland couples and clients. I specialize in wedding and portrait photography. Once in a blue moon, I love photographing babies and children that belong to my former clients because I love being their “forever photographer”. My photography style is light and airy, and I love outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Here are some frequently requested information by clients. I hope that you find this helpful in getting to know me as your wedding photographer.


My business philosophy is quiet simple and true to my heart. I believe in providing you with excellent service from the very beginning. My goal to provide you with beautifully curated photographs that will remind you of the commitment that you make to your partner on your wedding day. The photograph I capture will serve to bring beautiful memories of your wedding day back to you each time you walk past your framed photographs in your home and place of work.


I am a Canon girl! In my Jo Totes camera bag, you will find a Canon Mark 5diii and a backup along with various Prime lenses and a couple of zoom lenses. I have a lens for each portion of your wedding day. That is how I visualize your wedding day and pack them for easy access. Here is how I visualize a wedding day and the lenses I will need the most during that time: One lens to capture ALL of your gorgeous details, one to capture your First Look, one to capture gorgeous portraits of your bridal party and your family and friends, one for your ceremony without being interrupted, and one for your reception. In addition to that, I have off camera lighting gear that will light up every ceremony situation.

Photography style

Photographing in natural light is my specialty making my style very light and airy. However, I love photographing events in all lighting situations and maintain my style. When it comes to posing, I love to capture you as your are: natural, beautiful, and in love! It is important to me to pose my clients in a very natural way and make the photograph a celebration of the moment and focus on my couple and the energy they emit as opposed to the pose.

Print rights

My clients have full print rights to the digital photographs they receive. Nilo Burke Photography LLC. retains the copy rights of all photos, and my clients get to print and share their photographs with family and friends as well as on social media.

Best time to book

It is best to book your photographer 6-12 months before your wedding day. This time period gives you ample time to book the photographer that is a good fit for you.

If you have any additional questions, please contact me at or contact me via the Contact page. Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you to photograph your Big Day!

With Love,


Photo Credit: Katelyn James Photography

International Penny Day


I am putting a twist on #InternationalPuppyDay. I am calling it International Penny Day. Should we get an entire day to celebrate my Penny internationally? YES! Will it ever happen? Probably not. ūüôā


The night we brought Penny home! How can you NOT love this sweet soul!

Penny is our 17 month old puppy who has changed our lives in more than one way. She is full of so much energy. I am often jealous and wonder where she gets all. I would love to dedicate this post to my little puppy who stole our heart from the very beginning!

She loves to lay on the carpet. Her favorite spot is right underneath Daddy’s feet!

In December of 2013 while photographing a client’s little girl for Christmas photos, I met Penny’s siblings. This couple’s dog had had a bunch of lovable little angels and wanted to include them in their little girl’s photos. When I got home, I said to my husband, “you’ve GOT to look at the photos of these puppies! I WANT one!” All he said was no way! We aren’t getting a dog. But one look at the photos, and he was wondering if any of the puppies were for sale. Long story short, that VERY night, we went to pick up our precious 8-week old puppy that we decided to name “Penny”. (I’ve got to give the credit for the name to my brother-in-law Tim. He thought of it first. I wanted to name her Goldie.)


She takes eating her treats very seriously!

That first night, my husband stayed up all night with her because she was so nervous to be in a different place. In the morning, I woke up to her crying and wanting out of her crate. She has stolen my heart ever since that first cry.

Although she has chewed up several things around the house and outside the house, too many things to name, I am just thankful for her and all the love she has added to our lives.

She eats her treats until they are literally all gone. I love that about her!

Penny has taught me so much in the time that we’ve had her:

One– to always greet your loved ones every day as if you are meeting them for the very first time.

Two– to play and enjoy life!

Three– to be thankful and take every opportunity to show your love to those around you.

Four– Most importantly, she has taught me to be kind. Gentle. Loving. Forgiving. Patient. Obedient.

I LOVE the wisdom in her eyes! She is the very definition of LOVE!

If you ever meet Penny in person, you will absolutely fall in love with her! You, too, will consider an International Penny Day after meeting her just once!

With Love,


Dedicated to my mom-Nilo Burke Photography

What a beautiful day to be alive and be free!¬†Don’t you ever have those days when you feel like you are on top of the world? Like nothing can bring you down!

Yesterday was such a day. I dancing with joy at the relaunch of my new website and in love with the design the beautiful Brandilynn Aines of Brandilynn Aines Creatives put together for me with so much love and patience. She welcomed me into her home and listened very carefully to what it was that I wanted or had envisioned. At times when I didn’t know what I wanted to say, she somehow understood me. And I thank her for it so much!¬†It was around 6:15ish in the evening when I left her home happy. Very happy. I got in my car to leave and immediately wanted to call my mom to tell her all about it.

And here is the true purpose of this blog post: my mom.

She is the reason I live and breath in the way that I do. She taught me never to fear anything or anyone. It was and still is very scary to run a small business, but my mother never doubted me at any step. She always says “just jump into it” because she has never been afraid of any challenges in life. And she’s had plenty of them herself.

My mother has always looked the naysayers in the face and walked past them, and I completely trust her instincts. She has never crushed any of my dreams. She has always been there for me when others were no where to be found.

So I found it fitting to dedicate this re-launch to my sweet mama who continues to sacrifice everything for her family and is never too far from us! We can always count on her prayers, on her shoulder, and on her faith in us. We can always count on her.

Here is to a beautiful day in your lives and all the wonderful people who support you through thick and thin!


P.S. Please enjoy the photographs of me with my mother on my wedding day. A girl always looks back on her wedding day and all the beautiful memories she made with her family and friends. Although I have made many memories throughout my lifetime with my mother, the ones on my wedding day will be in the top 10. She is a beautiful woman inside and out, and I will never tire of looking at them. She made it such a special day for me and for my husband, and since I am in the business of wedding photography, what better way to share a little about me than to share with you the love and joy that surrounded me on my wedding day. I thank Jennifer Catron of Beck and Call Photography for capturing the day for me.


Lake of the Woods Locust Grove, VirginiaLake of the Woods Locust Grove, Virginia

Images taken by Jennifer Catron of Beck and Call Photography.