Southern Grown Vintange

We like convenience, but we don’t want to sacrifice quality for it. We want the best of both worlds, and if you are a bride or groom planning your wedding or any other special event in your life, you turn to Southern Grown Vintage for quality gifts that can be designed with you in mind. Isn’t that simply amazing?!

For this Wednesday’s Vendor Spotlight, I am happy to (ONCE AGAIN) shine a light on Southern Grown Vintage operated by by Brittney Frick and her husband. She beautifully designed a gift box for my Romantic Styled Shoot in April of 2016 and then once again this year for my Winter Styled Shoot in March, and I still cannot get over it. It is absolutely beautiful.

You don’t have to be getting married to enjoy her boutique gifts. Here are 7 occasions for which you will need a gift from Southern Grown Vintage:

  1. Brides-Asking your girlfriends to be your maid of honor/bridesmaid? This one really goes without saying. Your girls will LOVE the gifts and will be completely surprised.
  2. Brides-Looking for a gift for your wedding guests or your wedding party? Design your own unique gift boxes through Southern Grown Vintage.
  3. Thank You-There is no better way to say “Thank You” than with a box from Southern Grown Vintage. It is truly unique and will be received with a lot of enthusiasm.
  4. Birthday- My best friend lives in Texas and I in Virginia. I miss her very much. I miss her even more on special occasions like her birthday. Sending her something through Southern Grown Vintage is the perfect way to wish her a happy birthday. It is a gift she will never forget.
  5. Valentine’s Day-GUYS! Do yourselves a favor and get your special lady a custom gift that she will never expect. I am sure Southern Grown Vintage will put together something amazing for her.
  6. I miss you/Just Because- You don’t need a special occasion to make someone feel good or appreciated. Send them something Amazing through Southern Grown Vintage and surprise your loved ones that you care for them and think of them.
  7. CLIENT GIFTS-Hello entrepreneurs!!! We are ALWAYS looking for gifts for our clients. Southern Grown Vintage to the rescue!!! All you have to is Click on the gift of your choice and SEND it to your clients. Now THAT is how you show appreciation to your clients!

There you have it! 7 occasions when Southern Grown Vintage will save you! Can you think  of some other times when Brittney and her husband can come to save the day and YOU get all the glory? Share in the comment section below.



Nilo Burke Photography-67



Wednesday’s Vendor Spotlight: Alina Thomas Photography

Alina Thomas and I met at a workshop and styled shoot hosted by Megan Vaughan in November of 2014. Although we spent very little time together in the workshop, I immediately began following her on Facebook. Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed our interactions on social media as well as her beautiful work that she consistently produces.

I reached out to Alina to share three tips on how she manages motherhood and being a photographer. Below is what she shared with me. I hope that you find it just as helpful as I have as a mohter and a photographer. In her own words…

#1: Schedule working hours: The beauty of working from home is that you can set your own working hours. For me, a typical day at home starts with morning snuggles from my baby boy, then breakfast and playtime until 12 p.m. when he goes down for his nap. He is a really good napper so I get about 4 straight hours of uninterrupted office work each day. This includes: editing, client management, blogging, etc. Which leads me to tip #2!

#2 Have a plan: I keep a little notepad on my desk and I make a to-do list every day. It’s really important that you focus on the things you need to accomplish each day and don’t get sidetracked. Yes, sometimes we may feel like we need a break but if you don’t want to fall behind, I highly recommend that you focus on the things you need to get done each day first.

#3 It’s okay to say no at times: It’s important that you create boundaries and stick to them. For me, as a Virginia wedding photographer, I decided to say no to destination weddings after the birth of my son. Do I love traveling? Absolutely! However, as family dynamics change, business practices have to change as well. Realistically, I know that traveling to a different state to photograph a wedding would mean that I would have to be away from my baby for at least 2-3 days depending on the destination, and spending time with my little one was one thing I was not willing to compromise. As a new mom, these were some of the things that I had to implement in order to be able to balance life and being a full time business owner.

So there you have it, folks. Three important tips from a full time mom, full time photographer, full time wife, and soon-to-be mom to a new born. Check out Alina’s website and connect with her on social media. One thing that I love about following Alina on Facebook is that she always keeps my feed looking gorgeous!

Thank you, Alina, and lots of love to you as you get ready to welcome a brand new little angel into your lives. Much love to you and your family!




Jessica Barbee Calligraphy: Vendor Spotlight

Photograph of Calligraphy work


Photograph of Calligraphy work

Photograph by Ines Zrinski Photography 


Today’s Vendor Spotlight is on Jessica Barbee Calligraphy  that Jessica Barbee runs and operates from her home. Her calligraphy business is growing wonderfully thanks to her unique talent. If you are a bride (or groom), she the person you go to to make sure your invitations are flawless and, well, inviting! Let her creative mind bring to life your vision for your wedding calligraphy and stationary needs. But Jessica doesn’t stop there. She also creates custom mugs perfect for your bridal party, wedding guests and Thank You gifts to all the people who help make your day so special. Jessica is a small business owner, mother, wife, and a smart entrepreneur. She works very hard to keep her clients happy and provide them with excellent service. She also teaches calligraphy to creatives who want to expand on their knowledge of calligraphy or want to learn from the ground up.

If you are a creative trying to take your first steps into the calligraphy and stationary world, no worries because Jessica has some words of wisdom for you. She says:

1) RESEARCH! The legalities of business are just as important if not more than everything else.

2) Don’t be afraid to charge what your work is worth. You’re starting a business, not a hobby – respect for your work and the quality of it starts with you!

3) PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Starting out, you’ll find favorite calligraphers/stationers who’s work you’ll love – start out practicing or mimicking their lettering styles, and after a while you’ll find YOUR style. Work and grow your skill from there.

So there you have it, folks. Contact Jessica Barbee of Jessica Barbee Calligraphy today. Allow her and her team to truly make your day special. Jessica is the owner of a small business and she puts all her heart into her business. Check out her page and take a look at her amazing portfolio!

With Love,


Amazing Occasions Hairstyles: Vendor Spotlight


I met Trisha of Amazing Occasions Hair and Makeup in 2012 at a wedding show in Tysons Corner, Virginia organized by Necoya Tyson’s  All About You Event Management. She was responsible for the hair styling of nearly a dozen models. I could tell immediately that she was working from her heart. She effortlessly styled each model’s hair and carefully pinned in place and smoothly curled each lock of hair. I was impressed! She was a true professional in the way that she worked and dealt with everyone in the crowded room filled with models, vendors, organizers and a couple of photographers.

Over the years, I have photographed her on her wedding day, meet her entire family, photograph her children. Just a few weeks ago, I photographed her as she beings yet another wedding season.  Trisha has over 400 weddings under her belt and she isn’t stopping anytime soon. Her dreams are big but our God is bigger and she knows that well! She has embarked on a journey to open a hair and makeup studio of her own. Trisha has a big heart and gives freely to her family and friends as well as her community.

Friends, this is a cause that is worth supporting. Individuals like Trisha are wonderful examples that any dream is possible with a little help, a lot of prayers and a lot of hard work. There is no shortage of hard work and prayers on her part, but she needs a little help in realizing her dream.

She has a Go Fund Me page and has asked her family, friends, and fans to support her realize her dream of opening her very own hair and makeup studio. Check out Trisha’s Go Fund Me page HERE and prayerfully support this beautiful creative who gives with her whole heart. Check out her story in her own words. I am sure you will come to learn that Trisha is truly amazing and has a heart of gold. I am so glad to call her my friend. Go support her and give freely to her cause.




NEW blog Series-Vendor Spotlight

Those little feet belong to Little Lexy from her newborn shoot in November by Stephanie Tignor Photography. Recently she found out that her photographs made it to the top 10%, 20% and 30% out of over 200,000 photographs! Clearly this girl’s got talent!


In the wedding industry I have the pleasure of working with amazing creatives who work incredibly hard to bring to life the vision of a couple in love. From florists, to bakers, to calligraphers, to planners, the list goes one. That is the reason why I want to start a NEW blog series honoring and shining a light on my fellow creatives in this business. Recently I personally was affected by how much effort goes into an event when several amazing vendors came together to bring to life my very first styled shoot and workshop. It got me thinking: these folks deserve a blog and a spotlight of their own. We shower our clients with so much love, and I believe we ought to shower each other with just as much love by highlighting each other’s work and forming a community that is strong and generous with each other.


Today, I would like to put the spotlight on an amazing photographer who has quickly become a household name around our family gatherings, Stephanie Tignor Photography. Stephanie  has an incredible eye of capturing the little ones in our lives. She truly captures those perfect little moments that seem to fly by so quickly. As a wedding photographer, I know how important little moments are in our lives. I thought I would be able to photograph my little girl. Little did I know that it takes a skilled set of hands to handle a baby. There is so much that goes into photographing children and especially babies. I am so glad I reached out to Stephanie to capture my little baby for me.

Stephanie, we love you very much and we cannot wait for you to capture many more amazing memories! Thank you for all that you! Your gift is truly incredible!

With Love,