Happy Easter 2017 I Nilo Burke Photography

Happy Easter, friends!

It is only by God’s grace and Jesus’ sacrifices that we celebrate Easter today in a Free nation. That is so much to be thankful for, not the least of which is family!!! As you’ve probably seen on the blog that my sister-in-law welcomed her little baby boy last September, so this is a pretty special Easter for all of us as we are celebrating it with yet another family member sent directly from God so that we can love on him!

A couple of weeks ago, baby Luke was baptized and we got to witness the joyous ceremony. Afterwards we went to my sister-in-law’s home and spent some much-needed time with the family. (There is nothing in the world, no pain, no sadness, that solid Family Time can’t fix, especially if you’ve got a family like mine!) I got to photograph a few items that Luke will forever cherish and will pass down to his children on the occasion of their baptism. My sister-in-law did a wonderful job of picking out a super sweet outfit for Luke’s baptism. My mother-in-law, like she does always and will forever continue to do, made a GORGEOUS and not to mention DELICIOUS cake that Nick and I both thought was made by a professional baker! It was so amazing and we event got to go home with some of it! I made one of my favorite appetizers, a 7-layered Mexican Bean Dip (click HERE for the recipe) and I have to tell you, it was gone in the blink of an eye! Everything was so delicious. The company was warm and comforting. The weather was gorgeous, and baby Luke was the center of attention. I have to say even Lexy, at almost 1.5 years of age, did very well and behaved for us for the most part. She even played with her cousin Luke. Although she may have made him cry a bit by taking his toy, but I am sure Luke will forgive her for that!

I hope you enjoy these photographs because I loved our time together and look forward to many more gatherings.

Here is to you and your family on this Easter weekend!

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