3 Reasons to Outsource Your Photo Editing

Nilo Burke Photography three reasons to hire an editor and outsource your photo editing

As we begin 2017, our social media feeds are filled with out favorite fellow creatives’ 2017 goals inspiring us to, not only make specific goals for our own business, but also be encouraged by them and stick to those goals. So, I am here to encourage you to make outsourcing one of your goals for your business in 2017. Here are 3 Reasons why you should consider outsourcing your editing:

  • Quick turn around time from a private editor: When you come home from photographing a wedding, the last thing on your mid is to cull 2500 photographs and then edit them. That is why your editing sits on your To Do list for weeks before you finally decide to sit down and crank out the gallery. This is NOT because you don’t love your clients or because you aren’t in love with your images. The ONLY reason is that you are overwhelmed. You have so much on your plate and you are tempted to put editing at the bottom of the list. That is where a private editor can crank out your gallery for your in record time. This will have many benefits. One of them being an amazingly quick turn around time for your clients who are anxiously waiting to see their beautifully curated images by their favorite photographer: YOU!
  • Focus on the growing your business: How many ideas do you have to grow your business? You are sitting at the stop light. The first things that pop into your mind are half a dozen ways you can grow your business. But in order to bring all the creative to life, you need time. Precious time that you are spending culling and editing. The HOURS that you spend culling and editing, you could be dedicating to growing your business such as blogging that brilliant idea you had, writing a Thank You note to your client who sent you a ┬ábirthday gift (we LOVE those clients especially), updating your website with the most recent images you’ve captured (how many of you have websites that were updated a few years ago?) and finally take the time to connect with fellow vendors and creatives in the industry.
  • Gain precious family time: How often do we plan on spending time with family and friends over the weekend and then end up editing half the day on Saturday and half the day on Sunday. And if you have a shoot planned on either day, kiss family time goodbye. You owe it to your family to be there for them. After all, one of the reasons that we own and run our business and strive to work so hard is our family. We grow and fall even more in love with our work when we have quality time with our loved ones. Editing takes time away from them. It’s time to outsource your editing and get back to the dinner table to enjoy a meal, the couch to get one more snuggle in before bedtime, and the park because even you need fresh air!

Outsource your editing, folks.

I am here to help take editing off your “To-Do” list.