Logan + Danny

Danny + Logan Married at Oak Creek Farm


I’ve known Logan and Danny for so many years. Danny went to elementary school with my little brother Brian. I’ve seen Danny grow into the handsome, kind, and hardworking young man from a young age. When he met Logan and introduced her to us, we loved her instantly. I feel like I’ve known Logan just as long as Danny. Their families consist of the very best people on earth. They are as good as they come.

A couple of years ago when I saw Logan and Danny’s proposal photos on Instagram, I was so excited! When Logan asked me to meet her and Danny to talk about their wedding photography, I was probably more excited than they were (if it’s possible) to talk about their wedding detail. Logan is a beautiful modern bride bride who talked about planning different aspects of her wedding. Danny is a sweet young man who looked at her bride-to-be with so much love in his eyes. It was so good to just be present there and talk to them about their upcoming wedding at Oak Creek Farm in Orange, Virginia.

This wedding was special to me in so many ways. I felt like I was with family the entire time, and it was partly true to some extent. My baby brother was the best man at the wedding! I was so proud of him and his speech. Everything he said about Logan and Danny was straight from the heart and so beautiful! There were other young men in the bridal party that I had known since their days in elementary school with my baby brother.
I can’t tell you just how special I felt to have just been there and witnessed all the love. Capturing their Big Day as the photographer was just the cherry on top. Here are some of my absolute favorite photos from the wedding. I know you are going to love them as much as I do!

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