Valentine’s Day Session at Lincoln Memorial



I am so excited to share with you this special Valentine’s Day session with Akhil and Reena. First, I am proud to say that they are gracing the blog once again. Second, I am so thankful to them for modeling for me for this Valentine’s Day Session on, what turned out to be, a cold and windy, but absolutely gorgeous afternoon in Washington D.C. at  the Lincoln Memorial.

Our shoot lasted about two and a half hours because we had to stop every few minutes to warm our hands. Thanks to the hand warmers my husband, our hands were warm. At the top of the Memorial is normally a little windy, but that day it was windier than normal. I am especially thankful to Reena for wearing her beautiful red sari on such a cold day. Reena handled the chilly winds like a champ.

We started at the Lincoln Memorial and then made our way back to their car and took some photos by the river. We were fortunate not to encounter too many tourists on the grounds of the Memorial. I was surprised to see that there weren’t very many people given that it was MLK Jr. weekend, but then maybe the cold was the reason for the lack of tourists. Regardless, I am thankful we had a good time.

Akhil hugged Reena super tight every chance he got to warm her back up. Actually the cold made this session so much for romantic, beautiful and intimate because they had to hold each other that much more closer to stay warm.

Enjoy Akhil and Reen’a session. Send this soon-to-be bride and groom lots of love and well wishes as they plan their upcoming nuptials.

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